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12 Sky II Classic International " will launch starting on 20th 12, 2019
2019-12-31 14:08

Hello ,every swordsman!
Warmly celebrating the "Twelve Sky II Classic International edition" will launch starting on 20th Dec, 2019. The long-awaited "Twelve Days II Classic" is about to meet with you by GXCW. This is a large-scale 3DMMORPG online game of martial arts. After a battle between demon and decent, The Divine Land was in a chaos. The background is strife between the major factions, It has rich and exquisite plot, outstanding personality occupation, passionate activities, through the mysterious and changeable play to open your own way of chivalrous!
Our website will continually update game news , follow our website to see what will be happen in the future.
If players have some good idea and suggestion ,leave your message at our forum, you will have a chance to get our mysterious gifts!
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Twelve Sky 2 official website: http://en2.12sky2.cn/
Official forum :http://bbs.12sky2.cn/forum.php
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