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Teach you How to Join Free-To-Get Event
2020-07-23 15:50

(Free 4 wings Free Mount,Free pet even elite pet etc,Crazy!!)Open at 9:00 am 25th,07.2020(Singapore time) share !! share the good news!!
Here are several steps to teach you how to join and get them!! Read and Follow!!!
1.Go our webiste - Click the activity ( you will see the free-to-get event)
2.On Free-To-Get Events page ,you will see 4 button (1.Official wesite,2Download,3.Login.4.Faction(Clan)Selected) and 5 box icons button
3. First, players need to click login button ( login your account,then back to the Free-To-Get Event Page)
Second, click Faction(Clan)Selected to choose your faction(clan) binding.
Third,according your levels,click the box icons
( some exmples:
If you are new player, u can click the Newbie Package box icon (one free pet and other items)
If you are old player in G12 level,u can click all the box icons -Newbie Package ,M1 Reached Package,M33 Reached Package, G4 Reached Package, G12 Reached Package.
If you are in G33 level,u can click the box icons -Newbie Package ,M1 Reached Package,M33 Reached Package,)
4.Click Official wesite button at Free-Get-Event Page, it will go to our official Website, you will find the giftpackage center to click , all the package are sent to there .and click Get to obtain them
5 When you login your acct ingame, -Character list page- click accept gift, and click receive-go to npc to talk and click the bank
What include in different package!!
Newbie package: divine tree chest(7days)+ Guard bee pet !!!
M1Reached Package: White Tiger (1day-enchant 90%) + White tiger mount+practices symbol(180mins) +Holy Light pill!!!
M33 Reached Package: Basaltic wing(1day-enchant 90%) + Elite phrase 3 pet(trachinoid emissary token-) !!!
G4 Reached Package:Lyre bird wing(1day-enchant 90%)!!!
G12 Reached Package: Suzaku wing(1day-enchant 90%) + Refined feathers symbol!!!
Note: Only 4 wings has time limtied-1day and cannot enchant wing,others dont have time limited !!!!!!
Each package only be taken for 1 time when u reached the levels!!!!!
Now what we have ingame !!
Now 5x exp and 5 drop rate!!
Free rare gears at different levels!!
Online Time Reward,Etc!!
What are you waiting for !!!
Share good news !!Share!!
Note:Follow our fb page and official website to get the Free to Get Event Date FB page:https://m.facebook.com/12sky2internationalofficail/
share !! share the good news!!

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