* Maintainance. on 30th,Apr,2020 (Singapore time)**
2020-04-30 11:32

The server will be maintained at 9:00am,It is expected to be opened at  5:00 pm ,if any change, follow our fb page news and official website notice

1. Optimize skill connection to make the connection between skills more smooth.
2. Repair the phenomenon that the skill doesnt make blood loss due to the role movement during PK.
3. New third-party software detection mechanism: When players kill monsters at each instance zone, they will be detected by the system every other period of time (Skip the system detection when using the tianwu book to auto hunting),If the player fails to pass the detection, it will be sent back to the main city. If the continuous detection fails, the player will be punished by the system and thus be banned.
Note: If we found players who cheat ingame. we will ban it forever and other game problems will be fixed as soon as possible

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