Maintainance. on 27th,Aug,2020 (Singapore time)**
2020-08-27 09:29

The server will be maintained at 9:00 am,It is expected to be opened at 12:00. Free to get event continue open. 
New update
Items can be abandoned from your inventory  .
Items below the elite level that can be set up a stall (booth)and traded in the game can be abandoned
New added at item mall
Evolutionary marrow washing pill 
use for snow leopard mount max level with full exp. when the snow leopard mount reached the max level(lvl 5) use the advanced stone to get fifth stats, Then Evolutionary marrow washing pill will clear to get the fifth stats, use more pills to get the best stats) 
Note: Evolutionary marrow washing pill have chance to faill ,back to the normal(four stats as before, use advanced stone to get the fifth stats again)


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